Dynamic Origins

Authors: Dhruv Govil

Describes the use of dynamically shifting world origins in film to enable the use of large scale environments.
This has been submitted for SIGGRAPH 2018

The system described allows our world origins to be moved relative to a designated hero object, usually a character.
All other characters, the environment, camera and other assets are moved inversely to this origin position thereby maintain a relative relationship. This means that through any shot camera, all visual appearances remain the same.

This allows us to mitigate issues caused by travelling large distances where floating point precision errors start causing artifacts in our deformations, simulations and shading. Since all assets are at origin, we remove the world space aspect of any processing.

However, as some assets are better kept in world space, for example environment FX shared between a sequence, we restore the world space position at render time. This allows for our assets to be moved into whatever coordinate space is most convenient for the artist in any given department.



Depth Compositing For Animation Collaboration

Authors: Dhruv Govil

Describes the use of Depth Data and Deep Compositing to allow multiple animators to collaborate on a single given shot.
This technique allows production to easily scale up shots with large character counts beyond what we could easily do earlier.
The faster iteration times and ease of use have helped increase productivity while reducing costs as well.

This was presented as part of a panel at SIGGRAPH 2017



Procedural Muscle Simulation and Ziva

Authors: Dhruv Govil, Paxton Gerrish

We describe the development of a procedural muscle simulation framework that allows us to create dependency graphs of our simulation stages. This allows us to dramatically reduce setup and iteration time for characters, including reusing setups between characters.

Our workflow is built around the Ziva dynamics solver which we also describe the use of. The framework is largely agnostic to the solver or software used.

This workflow has reduced crewing requirements for shows significantly from over 10 Character artists to now only one or two per project.

This was submitted for SIGGRAPH 2017 but due to significant materials still being under NDA, could not be presented. No NDA material is present in the linked PDF.



Original Submission

Our initial submission to ACM SIGGRAPH was a smaller abstract with fewer details. This can be found here: Original Abstract.
A more fleshed out submission, written as a follow up, is available with the download link below.

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