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Python For Maya: Artist Friendly Programming


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Dhruv Govil

Lead Pipeline Developer

I’m a Lead Pipeline Developer who started out as an artist teaching himself Python to make his job easier. From there it’s sort of taken off and I’m now responsible for tools that are used by hundreds of artists every day.

This course goes over the same methodology that I used to learn Python to take you from no knowledge at all to being able to craft advanced tools with ease.

Hi Guys,

I have a brand new course I’ve put up on Udemy. Python For Maya: Artist Friendly Programming ( Sign up here for $70 $90 )   [code: DGOVILCOM] .

The course aims to take you from no programming experience to creating advanced interfaces.

I go over creating real world tools that can be useful to different departments as the method for teaching, so it’s not just abstract Python concepts like many Python courses and tries to show you how it can be immediately useful for you.

Additionally it’s the only course that goes over the new changes in Maya 2017 with regards to interface design.

Projects that will be created:

  • Creating a prop rig
  • Scene Hierarchy Renamer
  • Making Procedural Geometry
  • An Animation Tweener UI
  • A Controller Liibrary UI with a gallery view using Qt
  • A Light Manager using Qt and PyMel, that can be docked in Maya and handles light presets
  • A command line file renamer utility that accepts regular expressions

Anyway the idea is that it takes you from the very basics of Python all the way to what a Pipeline TD would be expected to know, and show that it’s useful for artists to learn Python as well.

I’d appreciate it if you could share the link around!

If you sign up from my site, I’ll have a discount applied on checkout.



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