So starting next month, I should be finishing up some development projects at Sony Imageworks and will be rolling onto Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Since Suicide Squad wrapped in July, I’ve been busy developing projects at work for multiple shows to use. I’ve also been busy on several smaller projects that we’ll hopefully be able to talk more about soon, or not, depending on how things go. You know how it is.

I’m looking forward to Homecoming. We’ve obviously done every incarnation of the CG Spider-Man other than the one in Civil War and this will be a really cool new take on it. I think it’ll be a really great project, and will be my third movie with the lead for this show. I think so far we’ve made for a really great team.

It’s somewhat bittersweet, because I was slated to be Lead on my own show, involving giant mechas and monsters from the Pacific Ocean (I’ll let you guess), but sadly that fell through and I’ve been reassigned to working on Homecoming instead. A bit unfortunate because it will be a while before I get to lead a show I think, given our current lineup but we’ll see. I think it would have been a fun change, but c’est la vie.

In the meantime I’m still a Pipeline Lead at Imageworks but just not Lead Pipeline on a show if that makes sense. So still more responsibilities than before and it makes for some very interesting work as well as being part of the decision process that drives the company forward.

Anyway, it’ll be good to get back into the rhythm of a show again, and I can’t wait to start.

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