Hi, I’m Dhruv Govil


I’m the Pipeline Architect for Content Production in Apple’s Augmented Reality group, and formerly worked in the VFX and Animation industry as a Supervising Pipeline Developer, and a Lead Layout artist.

My responsibilities include developing new AR technologies, working with Engine teams, software architecture and development for Asset Workflows, pushing USD development and UI/UX design. I’ve also been responsible for creation of concept art, video production and art assets, including creating demos for company leadership.

Previously, I was in charge of many facets of the pipeline at Sony Pictures Imageworks including their shot publishing and asset review toolsets, deep compositing workflows, muscle simulation, virtual production and motion capture pipelines.

I worked as a supervisor in charge of the layout and pipeline teams for Spider-Man: Homecoming and was co-supervisor for the pipeline department on Smallfoot.

I also teach various online courses for programming and have several thousand students across the world. I’ve been a speaker at SIGGRAPH and PyCascades.

Finally I’ve published and contributed to several open source projects including a machine learning system for deformation inference, and several Qt libraries. 

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